Thursday, October 28, 2010

Have a Vtech Vsmile system?

Gender: Both
Age: 3-8
Category: Game Systems

Again comes through with the win! If you have a Vtech system, right now at Kmart, you can find a select few games for $7.50. Hurry fast, I'm not sure they will last long.

Shipping is a little high so why you are there, buy in bulk to cut back shipping cost.

Wal-mart sells the games for $20 a pop. for doll house furniture!

Gender: Female
Age: 4-12
Category: Doll house
------------------------------------------------------------ Currently has the Barbie "My House" rooms on sale for $10.00. This sure beats Wal-marts $22 price tag! Shipping is a little high, but buy in bulk to save on shipping.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

You may know the way to eBay, but do you know how to craigslist?

Gender: Male/Female
Age: All


If you haven't been on, scouring your local area for hours - you aren't very internet savvy are you?

Besides my really awkward obsession with the 'pets' section at the Indianapolis city site, I've been finding amazing deals on some really awesome toys.

I found a lady on there who is selling a little girls kitchen set; a child size oven, sink, fridge and microwave for $50 (plus 100 pieces of 'food', plates, etc.)

This generally retails for about $350.

The lady has cleaned it, bleached it and is in perfect condition (no marks, scuffs, etc.)

I think I'll be purchasing this for the event of turning our office into a playroom :)

I've been finding gifts for big and for small. Take a peek into craigslist and see what you can find!

Old Navy - up to 60% off right now!

Old Navy has a price slasher sale going on right now. Up to 60% off.,2329439,def_bkgd&clink=2329439

You'd never know it was a book shelf!

Gender: Female
Age: 3-12
Location: Big Lots
Category: Doll House

Have you researched the prices of those stupid plastic doll houses?

Yes, you know what I'm talking about. The 'some assembly required' nightmares, with 1,000 small plastic pieces, at least 1 broken part and a battery operated disaster.

Why do you do that to yourself?

These doll houses go from $75-$400 depending on size and name brand.

Two years ago, I happened to stroll into my local Big Lots and see a book shelf sitting in front of me for $40. It was your average book shelf, yet it was divded into what could possibly be rooms.

I got interested, and looked further; it had a roof! The book shelf top was shaped like a roof. Oh thank you - THANK YOU money saving gods! My daughter had wanted a Barbie house so bad she couldn't stand it.

And I couldn't stand the thought of purchasing a plastic hell.

I snagged up the $40 book shelf, and brought it home. I had left over pink paint from her bedroom, and painted the interior bright pink. I did a little freehand and painted a Barbie head sillohoutte on the side.

It's the best Barbie house in the world. :)

Make-up Made Cheap!

Gender: Female
Age: 6-12
Location: Wal-mart, Dollar Tree, Mom's Make-up Bag
Category: Dress-up

Does your little diva beg to scoop into your make-up bad and slather you with bright blue eyeshadow, bright pink blush and bright red lipstick? (Why do you even have such a horrible collection of make-up?!)

Here's a little idea that I put together last Christmas:

Right now in the clearance section at our local Wal-mart, the back to school stuff is going for little or no money. I purchased a Lisa Frank zipped lunch bag for $3.

I went to the local dollar tree and picked up these items: hair brush, eyeshadow, lipgloss, lotion, body spray, blush, make-up brushes, etc.

I went to my make-up bag and pulled out all of the hideous items I used to wear, or purchased previously and never used.

I packed them into the lunch bag and - TA-DA! A little girls make up bag!

Don't spend $20 on a make-up case at your local retail store. These lunch bags make the perfect carry case for the make-up!

My little diva loved it. Mimi blue eyeshadow and all :)

Wal-mart Halloween Section!

Gender: Female
Age: 4-10
Location: Wal-mart
Category: Dress-up

For the moms who have a local Wal-mart in the area; in the Halloween section, there are super cute petti skirts and wings for $5 a pop.

And Halloween costumes will soon be on a discounted sale. Perfect for little girls to play dress up!

Buying a few sets of those, sure beats paying $20 for a trunk of 2 dress up dresses and plastic wands.

Get your savvy on!